About Us

We motivate people

Sometimes we all need a little incentive to move forward and achieve our goals

Our platform helps people show their support and encouragement by giving tangible contributions for achieving specific goals

How It Works

Create a campaign that includes a verifiable objective.
Perhaps a specific weight loss goal, an academic achievement, or steps toward your dream
Share the campaign with friends and family and allow them to contribute and support the cause
The funds are distributed only when the verifiable objective is achieved.
The campaign creator has final say on whether to distribute or issue a refund

Why use our platform?

Knowing you have a community supporting you is an incredibly powerful motivator - especially, when you know it’s not just lip service and they’ve put some money on the line to show they support your success.

What can I use this for?

You can create a campaign for someone else or even yourself! Perhaps you have a friend or loved one who you feel could be so much more. Or maybe there are areas in your life where you’ve wanted to change but you never seem to be able to follow through. This platform can give you the added motivation you need to push through and meet your goals.

Some common categories are:

So, how much does it cost?

Unfortunately, online transactions require processing fees. We’d love to do it for free, but we’d also like to stick around. We charge a 5% transaction fee on donations with a $1 minimum.

Set goals and give. Meet goals and get paid.