#KICK Brittany to Launch Her Print Poem Business

by Jonathan Brain

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Let’s kick Brittany to put her print poem business in high gear!!! These print poems have a huge potential for mass market appeal and just need the right mix of marketing and promotion. A few years ago Brittany partnered with Linda, a friend of ours who has spent most of her 70+ years of life walking closely with God. Linda wrote some very powerful poems back in the 70s/80s and only felt comfortable doing something with them when she got to know Brittany. They merged Brittany’s photos and Linda’s poems into unbelievably powerful pieces of art. There is a specific target demographic who fills their house with religious sayings and faith-based art. Unfortunately, that demographic doesn’t frequent art shows in mass numbers (where Brittany had been selling these art pieces). Fortunately, though, that target demographic can be found on social media! I personally don’t like sayings on my walls, but even I find these print poems so gripping that I want them in my house. If I feel that way, I can only imagine how successful this will be in front of the right crowd. Brittany will be putting all the money raised toward Social Media advertising, but she’ll only get the money if she creates a Facebook page and an Etsy page for these art pieces. So let’s get kicking!

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Launch a Facebook and Etsy page for her print poems.

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